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This website is made available to you for informational purposes only by Verus Title Inc. or its affiliates (collectively "Us", "We", "Our", "Verus"). By accessing this Website you agree to these Terms of Service ("Terms") and to our Privacy Policy. By accepting our Terms, using of our Services, or signing an agreement with us or any of our affiliates, you represent that you are of legal age and have the authority to bind yourself or your organization to these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms you may not use our Services.

Use of Our Services

We may use third party-services in order to provide service to you. When we do so you will be bound by the Terms of Service promulgated by the third-party provider. Verus avoids using third-parties that collect your data for any purposes other than to provide the identified service.

Limitations on Use and Proprietary Rights

The logos, trade names, and product or service names contained on this Website, or on any product or service provided by Verus, are owned by Verus. Verus retains full and complete ownership of the foregoing software, materials, and information provided to you and all associated intellectual property.


Verus makes every attempt to keep its content up-to-date and the information it provides as accurate as possible. However, information provided by Verus through its website should be used solely for informational purposes. Verus makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy or completeness of our content or the continued availability of our content, except where required by law. All of the information provided by Verus is "as is" and without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. Verus disclaims all warranties, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, freedom from computer virus, and warranties arising from course of dealing or course of performance. Verus does not represent or warrant that Verus products or services will be error free, except where required by law.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Verus be liable for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever (including lost profits), even if Verus has been previously advised of possibility of such damages, whether in an action under contract, negligence, or any other theory, arising out of or in connecting with the use, inability to use, or performance of the information, services, products, and materials available from Verus, except where required by law.


This Website or our products may provide access to other World Wide Websites. Verus does not control these Websites, and you access them solely at your own risk. Verus also does not endorse or approve any products or information offered at Websites you reach through this Website.


Any claim relating to the Website and your use of it shall be governed by the internal substantive laws of the State of Delaware, without regard to its conflict of laws provisions, and you agree that jurisdiction and venue in any legal proceeding directly or indirectly arising out of or relating to this Website shall be in the state or federal courts located in Delaware.

Modification of the Website and These Terms of Agreement

Verus does not promise that any materials or information provided by you on this Website will remain available to you, except where required by law. Verus also reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which our services, products, and websites are offered and your use of the Website, services, or products following any such changes shall be deemed to constitute your consent to such modified Terms of Service. You agree to regularly review these Terms of Service to verify whether they have been changed.

Compliance with Laws

Verus, through its licensed subsidiaries, provides services to customers that are regulated by State and Federal agencies. Verus is committed to providing compliant services and should it be required to make changes to its services due to a federal or state requirement, it will do so with or without notice to you.


You acknowledge and agree that, in the event of any breach of these Terms of Agreement by you, Verus would be irreparably and immediately harmed and could not be made whole by monetary damages alone. Without prejudice to any rights and remedies otherwise available, Verus shall be entitled to equitable relief by way of injunction in the event of a breach of any provision of these Terms of Agreement.Verus Title Inc.

Terms of Service last modified January 31, 2019.